FAS AGM cut short abruptly; presidential elections set for delay

The first-ever Football Association of Singapore (FAS) presidential elections will be delayed yet again after the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on Saturday was abruptly cut short.

There was originally to be a vote among Singaporean football’s governing body to pass the new constitution that was approved by FIFA a few days ago.

However, it was put off after FAS decided the previous night to delay it as there were requests for amendments to be made by the fraternity.

“In light of this request for extension of the consultation and feedback phase, we have decided to remove the approval of the amendment of constitution from the AGM,” FAS vice-president Bernand Tan said.

“We will be writing to all members to inform them of the next steps. It has not been an easy task and it’s a very demanding process.”

When asked if there is a deadline on the process, Tan was unable to provide a clear answer.

Instead, he expressed that the process may go on for at least a year or two.

“The development of the constitution has gone on from 10 months. Zai (FAS president Zainudin Nordin) has mentioned it’s a long process,” Tan explained.

“To be honest with you, the amendment of constitution for some countries has gone on for years. Japan for example, took two years to redo their constitution.

“We took the decision to allow time for feedback… we have to appeal to the Singapore football committee.

“I think there must be common ground for everybody of whatever persuasion that this is for the future of Singapore football and if you have the interest upfront, let’s agree to a constitution that works for all of us.”

The amended constitution will need to be submitted to FIFA for approval once more, and once it’s done, there will need to be a vote to push it through before the FAS elections can begin.

This means that the FAS will need to ask for an extension from FIFA for the current constitution.

Nevertheless, there is a chance that the body might not approve it, according to Zainudin.

“The process is for us to be able to get an extension so that work can be done,” he said.

“For whatever reason that an extension cannot be obtained, then FiFA will take over from the fact that they have basically oversight.

Tan, however, expressed his confidence that the current team will be able to achieve the extension they need.

“For the period of time, the old constitution continues. That means all activities will continue. The exco that’s been in charge will continue to do it with Singapore’s football best interest at heart,” he concluded.

Photos: Football Association of Singapore