Fomenko and Ukraine not afraid of Ribery

Ukraine coach Mikhail Fomenko said his team are prepared for France and Franck Ribery ahead of their World Cup play-off in Kiev on Friday.

Fomenko is assured that his team, who have not been beaten in their past 11 appearances, have researched Bayern Munich star Ribery and know what to expect ahead of hosting the first leg of their bid to get to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

"Football is a game that's played by brave people, and if anything frightens you, you shouldn't play football. That's what we keep telling our players," Fomenko said.

"Of course, Ribery is a talented and strong player, but our guys have seen many games of the French team - maybe seven or eight games - and I don't have a feeling that anyone on the team is afraid of Ribery now.

"In modern football, as in any other modern activity, there are leaders who deserve special attention and might be a more dangerous attacking force than the rest. That's what we will do; pay some extra attention to those.

"We don't live in the past - and I hope you don't either. We live for today.

"With only two games to go within just five days, I guess players' psychology will compensate for any physical issues, even if there are any."

The return leg takes place at Stade de France on Tuesday.