Fulham scout with an eye on the JSSL 7’s

Aspiring footballers will have a chance to impress a English professional scout at this weekend’s JSSL (Junior Soccer School and League) Singapore International 7’s… 

Youth footballers participating in the 2016 JSSL (Junior Soccer School and League) Singapore International 7’s will have more reason to excel now.

Among the spectators, England club Fulham’s academy player recruitment manager Dan Rice will be present for the two-day tournament.

Rice’s main target is to keep an eye out for players with the potential to be Asia’s next big star, and possibly invite them back to the England-based club for trials and training stints.

The International 7’s is a good platform for Rice to scout at, especially since he can watch a diverse group of footballers play in a competitive setting instead of a training session.

“Throughout the age group, it varies when it comes to what scouts look out for. But it’s always about character, it’s about how they learn and a lot of that comes out in a game, and not necessarily training,” Rice told FourFourTwo.

This year, the International 7’s posted a record entry of 160 teams from 13 countries, including Japan, South Korea, Australia and Thailand.

Rice will also be able to look at players across a range of age nine to 15.

The Fulham scout was also excited to see what the Southeast Asian region had to offer in terms of culture.

“It’s an opportunity for me to see different cultures here. Back home, football is viewed as the number one sport and every child wants to be the top name in the game,” he said.

“Over here, the culture is different but the one thing that sticks out for me is these Asian players’ determination to win the game. Over here it seems like they have the passion.”