Heat dangerous for England, says Espinoza

England will struggle in Brazil's heat unless they keep possession at the FIFA World Cup, according to Honduras defender Roger Espinoza.

Heat and humidity is expected to be a major factor when the World Cup gets underway in Sao Paulo on Thursday.

England are set to kick-off their Group D campaign against four-time champions Italy in Manaus – a location known for its humid conditions – on June 15.

And Wigan defender Espinoza has singled out England as one of the country's that may struggle to cope in South America after they played out a goalless draw with Honduras in testing conditions in Miami on Saturday.

"I think it (the climate) will be a big factor for England. England players are not used to it," said Espinoza.

"I remember where I live in Manchester, going to Wigan, the sun came out, but it's an artificial sun.

"We would come here to the (United) States in pre-season with Wigan and you can tell how tough it is for the English players, Scottish and Irish guys, too, to come on this side of the world.

"Not many places will be as hot in Brazil, apart from Manaus.

"If they keep the ball like they did against us, they will not get tired. They have the players to keep the ball. That will keep them fresh, stop them getting tired. They're young guys, too.

"But it will be dangerous for them if they don't keep the ball because it is going to be hot."

Honduras will also appear at the World Cup, where they will come up against Switzerland, France and Ecuador in Group E.