Hesse: We were the Old Lions

The Young Lions head coach was in no mood to sugarcoat his team after a 6-1 thrashing... 

Young Lions head coach Patrick Hesse did not mince his words when he summed up his team’s performance in the 6-1 trouncing by Tampines Rovers.

The Frenchman was all smiles when he entered the room for the post-match press conference but what followed was a brutal assessment of the Young Lions.

"We played a friendly game, we forget we have points to take and we failed," Hesse said bluntly.

"It is the worst game we have had since the beginning of the season. We played some bad games but today I am very unhappy."

The Frenchman added that it was the manner of the defeat that stung the most, especially after the Young Lions had fought hard to come into this fixture on a three-game unbeaten run in the league.

"When you play four good games you must have the same level but instead we went down too much," he said.

"I have five days to prepare for the next game and I want to be sure we show another face of the team because I cannot accept this.

"You can have a bad day but you must fight, you must do something. I see Jermaine Pennant, he is 34, but he is playing as though he was the Young Lions and we were the Old Lions. I am very angry today."