Home release Red Packs to the public

In a move to engage further with the public, Home United have released a series of cards which will feature their players’ profiles. 

The Protectors are leaving no stones unturned in their bid to revive the club’s fortune, on and off the pitch.

In their latest promotional activity, Home have announced the launch of 'The Red Pack', a collection of cards which provide information on their players.

They will come in a standard pack of four cards and will be sold at Bishan Stadium as well as on match days.

Home believe this move will fare well with their fans, a majority of whom are still studying at the tertiary level.

“As playing cards have been a hit among people of all ages, it was decided that this concept would be a novel way to reach out to HUFC's fans, a majority of whom are school children, who often come to the stadium for HUFC home matches,” the club said in a statement.

“HUFC will be the first club in Singapore to be launching these player cards. This season's collection features all HUFC S. League players and three other Prime League players.”

Home midfielder Shamil Sharif was impressed by the concept, adding it fueled his motivation to succeed as a footballer.

“It is a cool idea,” Shamil told FourFourTwo. “With these playing cards, hopefully we can gain more exposure and have more supporters from the public.

“It also gives me an added sense of achievement and exclusivity being an S.League Player.”

Shamil added he hopes other clubs in the league will follow Home’s lead.

“In terms of marketing, I would also hope other clubs can emulate (this) and together we can increase awareness of the S.League,” he said.

Photo: Home United