Home United coach: Let’s get the S.League up and running again

While sympathetic about the players’ livelihoods, Home United coach Philippe Aw believes LionsXII’s exit from Malaysian football is the perfect opportunity to revive the ailing S.League...

LionsXII will sit out all Malaysian football competitions from 2016 onwards, as confirmed by the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) on Tuesday night.

This latest development could mean their current crop of players returning to play in the S.League, with more resources pumped in to support a tournament which has been plagued by poor attendance over the past few years – something Aw fully supports.

“I always like to see the positive side of things and in this case, that will mean the players returning to play in the S.League,” said the Home United coach, who has built a reputation for blooding local youngsters at the Protectors this season.

“It remains to be seen what will be done for the league because now there’ll be an overflow of players, maybe more slots could be opened up for new clubs to come on. But at the end of the day, we’ll have a much more exciting league with a bigger pool of players for the national team to choose from.

“If the players do well, then the sponsors will come. The responsibility starts with the clubs, that’s why the whole country must come together to get this S.League happening again.

“It’s an opportunity to get things done properly and it can only bode well for Singapore football.”

Philippe Aw’s young Home United team is through to the Singapore Cup final.

For now, Aw is more concerned about the LionsXII players’ livelihoods while admitting he will be keeping a keen eye on those who may be available to sign for his side next season.

“I just hope this last-minute decision will not put the players’ livelihoods into jeopardy,” said the 39-year-old. “The most important thing is that the players will still be able to have clubs to play for.

“Even before this announcement, we have a few players in mind which we want to talk to for next season.

“Now more of them will be available, but it really depends on whether we can afford them or if they want to come here.”