Kanchelskis: Giggs would do a better job than Van Gaal

Former Manchester United winger Andrei Kanchelskis has moved to clarify comments he made about the team's tactics under Louis van Gaal, while expressing his belief assistant manager Ryan Giggs should take over the top job.

Earlier this month, Kanchelskis was quoted by a number of media outlets as saying the current Red Devils' team "play like robots".

Speaking at a press conference ahead of The Castlewood Group Battle of the Reds in Singapore this week, an event that pits former Liverpool and Manchester United players against each other at the Sports Hub, the 46-year-old was keen to explain his point of view.

"I never said Manchester United played like robots, the newspapers printed that," Kanchelskis told FourFourTwo. "[I just think] we don't play like we used to anymore. We need more aggression and more passing.

"I don't like van Gaal's system and I don't understand it because when he sets his team out to play that way, there's no improvisation at all.

"When I was playing, you had so many creative players like Ryan Giggs, Eric Cantona, Mark Hughes and even Roy Keane.

"Now when United play, there's only one way down the field and no improvisation or variety whatsoever."

The Ukranian-born Russian international spent four full seasons at Old Trafford, top-scoring in 1994-95 with 15 goals in 32 games.

While at the club he played alongside wingers like Giggs and Lee Sharpe and was ultimately replaced by a young David Beckham, leaving for Everton in 1995.

"I understand that van Gaal is under a lot of pressure and results are what he's looking at," he said. "But while we used to watch creative, attacking football and passing, now it's very predictable.

"When you look at the Manchester United team now and compare it to the teams from before, it's not a great look.

"It's not my decision to make, it's up to van Gaal, but I say again that we need more creative play from our wingers. There aren't many wingers now and not too many crosses.

"We used to have Becks, Giggsy and Sharpey putting in so many crosses and it was great service for the forwards. If there is no service, you won't get any chances at goal."

Kanchelskis feels that the problem lies solely at Van Gaal's feet and revealed that he had never been a fan of the veteran coach.

"Fans love aggressive football and improvisation on the ground, like we saw under Sir Alex Ferguson," he said. "Van Gaal is not the right coach for Manchester United.

"In my opinion, they would be better off looking for a new coach, someone creative with more passion for the game.

"Why not Ryan Giggs? He's younger, he's played more than 20 years at Manchester United and he should be given a chance.

"He understands the English mentality which van Gaal might not get given he's come from a different system."

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