Morgan: Winning the Championship helping Leicester now

Leicester City captain Wes Morgan says his side already have title winning experience after their 2014 Championship triumph.

While plenty has been made of Leicester City's incredible turnaround from relegation fodder to potential Premier League champions, captain Wes Morgan says the club's 2014 Championship triumph has been invaluable to his side.

Leicester are seven points clear and six games away from a remarkable Premier League title following Sunday's 1-0 win at home to Southampton.

Morgan said the members of the Leicester squad that won the Championship - England's second tier - have been able to draw on that experience to help them navigate the task of seeing out the Premier League campaign.

In 2015-16, Leicester boast five players that were a part of their Championship win, and while Morgan admits the challenge is bigger this time around, the virtues of momentum are not lost on anyone.

"It was just momentum," he said. "We kept winning games, in fantastic form, full of confidence.

"We went into games knowing we could win and we were doing so by big margins.

"It is hard to compare that to the Premier League, the games are much tougher, and they are not as frequent. There is a lot of preparation going into games.

"We approach games in the way to maybe stop the opposition first then try to win games in different ways.

"The experience of going up from the Championship will help us this time round. The lads are full of confidence to keep it going."

Morgan scored the winner with what was his first goal the season against Southampton, but he said every player at the club was just doing their part for the team and focussed solely on the next match.

"We try to take it one game, 'right that's ticked off', then prepare for the next one," he added.

"We're not thinking we need to win the next three of five. That’s the way we probably looked at it in the Championship.

"It's much different this time round. We don’t want to get carried away, we want to stay focused, stay concentrated on our job."

Leicester travel to relegation-threatened Sunderland on Sunday.