Mourinho rejects 'best coach in the world' tag

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho has rejected Yuriy Vernydub's suggestions that the Portuguese is the best manager in the world.

Yuriy Vernydub may believe Jose Mourinho is the best coach in the world, but the Manchester United manager is not convinced.

The Zorya head coach was full of praise for his opposite number ahead of Thursday's Europa League clash in Odessa, United needing a draw to secure their progression.

Vernydub admitted his side were nervous ahead of their first meeting with the Premier League side - which finished 1-0 to United - something he hopes to avoid in matchday six.

Facing Mourinho was an honour for the 50-year-old, Vernydub describing the Portuguese as "a great coach" and someone he is desperate to learn from.

Mourinho - who was named FIFA Coach of the Year in 2010 - was flattered when learning of  Vernydub's comments but insisted he was far from the world's best.

"It's nice to say that," he told a media conference. "I don't think he's right - I don't think there is something like that.

"The best coach in the world doesn't exist in my opinion.

"Every season one has to win the FIFA Gold Ball but I don't think there is the best. You can say the best of the year and that I agree. Every year there is one with the most important result. So he is just being nice, no more than that.

"He learns with me the same I learn with him. I try to learn every game. When I play against a team I try to study the team, to read the game during the game and after, which is easier. I try always to learn so if tomorrow I have the chance to learn with him, I want to do so."