No rift with Garcia, insists Roma president Pallotta

Despite controversial comments from Rudi Garcia, Roma president James Pallotta says he has no problem with the French coach.

Roma president James Pallotta has emphatically denied rumours of a dispute with coach Rudi Garcia.

Reports have suggested that the Roma hierarchy have been angered by comments from Garcia, who recently suggested he could not be expected to help the club challenge Serie A champions Juventus with the resources available to him.

However, Pallotta has already made assurances that Garcia will be at Roma next season and told Roma Radio: "I don't know where the newspapers are getting that [talk of a rift]. They're writing all these stupid articles again that make no sense at all.

"Let's take the coach… Rudi is our coach - there have been no arguments with Rudi. We've had discussions on how do we make the team better. I have never spoken to another coach about coming to Roma to be the coach other than Rudi.

"My last conversations were the beginning of the week with Rudi and we talked about where we are going to help him with improving things."

Pallotta also addressed rumours he is unhappy with the work of director of football Walter Sabatini.

He added: "Again, they [the media] are just making up stuff and they're being stupid and they're being ignorant. Look, Walter and all of us are always trying to improve.

"Have we made some mistakes? Yeah, of course. Are we going to make mistakes every year? Yes, of course, we're not going to get 100 per cent of the things right.

"We're always trying to get to 100 per cent but that's not going to happen. So we'll make mistakes in the future, we've made mistakes in the past. But Walter doesn't make these mistakes by himself - we all make the decisions.

"We all talk about them, and if there are mistakes that are being made, we're all doing it together. We're all making these things together.

"It's hilarious. I was reading that Walter and I were yelling at each other - you know the funniest thing about the whole thing is that every time we sit down, we're yelling at each other over our players - it's nothing new."