Noor tells Steinebrunner to ‘wear skirt play tennis’

The Geylang assistant coach shot back at suggestions the Eagles were too robust with their challenges during a 2-2 draw with Warriors FC… 

Geylang International assistant coach Noor Ali was on the defensive after his side’s 2-2 draw with Warriors FC on Friday evening.

Ask to stand in for the match as head coach Hasrin Jailani served a touchline ban, Noor was clearly rankled when told that opposition coach Jorg Steinebrunner was unimpressed by Geylang’s willingness to get stuck in.

The German had said that ‘it’s not the way right to play football’ and felt that the referee could have helped protected his players a little bit more.

“This is football what,” Noor told reporters when asked for his thoughts on Steinebrunner’s opinion.

“You don’t play aggressive football then wear skirt play tennis lah. Did you see any Geylang tackles that would break anybody’s leg? No right.

“Aggressiveness is part and parcel of football, that’s the way you play the game. If you can’t take it, then I can’t do anything."

Noor even said to tell the Warriors head coach to take his complaints down a notch, and to focus on the game instead.

“There was no red card in the game, the referee did not see anything wrong with the game. No flying elbows or wild tackles, so it’s fine,” Noor added.

“It’s part and parcel of the game, so you just got to play the game. Stop complaining, tell him.”

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Photo: S.League