Roberts: Coerver provides added value in Singapore

Coerver Coaching Diploma in Youth Development participants were treated to a coaching masterclass last weekend from co-founder Alf Galustian.

Speaking to FourFourTwo on the sidelines of the two-day course at ITE College East, Coerver Singapore co-director Paul 'PJ' Roberts was pleased with the response from attendees of the event.

“I am excited and absolutely stoked about it,” he enthused. “Alf is a world expert in technical development and ball mastery.

“To have his knowledge, expertise and pedigree to come to Singapore, for these coaches it is excellent.”

The 40-year-old former Geylang United midfielder was encouraged by the commitment the trainees showed in the pursuit for more knowledge from the master trainer during the course.

“Everyone’s so enthusiastic to learn and the participation and enthusiasm have been outstanding.” he said.

“This’s a professional development course, some paid out of their own pockets, some through the football association and schools they work.

“They are passionate about football and developing their personal skills, in relation to coaching and technical expertise that Coerver provides.”

Coerver Singapore Co-Directors Owen Monaghan and PJ Roberts

Roberts hopes the successful completion of the two Coerver Coaching Youth Diploma courses this year is the start of bigger things to come for Coerver Singapore.

“We have very big plans and a long term visions for Singapore for Coerver,” he said.

“I have been in Singapore for over a decade and so has Owen (Monaghan, the co-director)

“We are very passionate about football and see how important the methodology and curriculum Coerver provides that can help and improve Singapore football.”

An impact in the J-League

To prepare themselves for the mission in Singapore, the Coerver Singapore team participated in the Coerver Asia-Pacific conference in Japan, where they were left impressed by the impact Coerver had made at all levels of Japanese football.

“To see the impact of Coerver there, it’s absolutely phenomenal,” he said.

“Coerver Japan has 20,000 children go through the programme every week and they got over 170 full-time and 350 part-time coaches.

“The coaches there go through a full one-year educational process before they are certified as Coerver coaches.

“A number of Coerver children have gone on to play professionally in the J-League and also for the men’s and women’s national teams.”

Roberts believes Coerver provides added-value in Singapore where children from local football schools and academies benefit from its instruction and coaches are able to impart technical expertise and life skills to their trainees.

“There are many academies in the marketplace and many may profess to have a particular philosophy curriculum,” he said.

“When you sit down and look at quality of the Coerver curriculum, developed over 30 years and in many countries, it sells itself in many ways.

“We feel by partnering with the association, we can improve the level of players and coaches.

“Through Coerver, we not only coach players but also coach coaches.”

He is confident the Coerver programme in Singapore will leave a defining legacy for all involved, so that all will benefit positively from the experience.

“We want to see children gain the skills and confidence, so that they can play football at the best level they are capable of, whether professionally or in a Sunday afternoon with their friends,” he said.

“We want to see all go out and enjoy themselves, so it is fundamentally important to give the coaches the confidence to impart the knowledge they are going to give to their children.

“That’s the legacy we are really excited about.”