Sablon identifies formation to develop Singapore football

One year after his appointment as Football Association of Singapore technical director, Michel Sablon presented his findings to date at a detailed sharing session with stakeholders and media...

Sablon shared that the use of a 4-3-3 formation across the national set-up will be his basis for improving Singapore football.

The Belgian believes that Singapore's immediate priority is to standardise the style of play across the board, especially from the youth level.

The aim is to develop "fast, offensive football with a winning spirit", according to Sablon, based on the 4-3-3 formation.

The plan is to instill one holding midfielder, who is flanked by two offensive-minded players. A lone striker will spearhead the frontline, supported by two wide players.

"We would like to develop for the next generation for Singapore a way of play in the next five to six years," Sablon told coaches and reporters at a sharing session at the Fullerton Hotel on Monday.

"We are not at that stage now, we are still playing a different game now, but we are aiming at the level of being able to apply the system."

Sablon also aims to increase the quality and quantity of the talent pool, with the intention to make training and games "fun", especially for those in the age-group categories.

Sablon attended Singapore's first session under V. Sundramoorthy on Saturday. Photo: FAS

Presently, approximately 3,600 students in 30 schools are involved in football and the ultimate goal is to grow these numbers to 15,600 in 130 schools.

Sablon touched on a number of topics in his session, including revamping the school games' schedule and a format to provide grassroots players with more avenues to play.

“The second project is the grassroots, delivering a holistic experience with emphasis on fun,” he said.

“The children should have fun and in the meantime they will learn.”

The Belgian is also pushing for school coaches to meet certain criteria, as he believes students deserve a higher standard of coaching.

"We have to focus on the quality, we need qualified coaches," Sablon shared. "If we can have good geography or mathematics coaches, why not football too?"

Main photo: FAS