S.League announce age gate removal

In a dramatic reversal on Saturday, the S.League announced that it would not implement the drastic age restrictions originally set for the 2015 season. 

The new age restrictions which would have restricted teams to only five players above 30 proved to be very unpopular, and drew the ire of players and fans.

Following discussions between the S.League and various club chairmen, the new decision was made after careful consideration of the appeals made by some affected players. 

Help is also on its way to players forced from their careers by pull-outs of one club, and the merger of two others. The S.League announced that it will help players move on to new professions by linking them with potential employers.

A study subsidy scheme will also be proposed for players who want to further their studies at approved institutions, to further assist those making future career transitions.

When informed about the new decision, Tanjong Pagar FC captain Hafiz Osman said that he was glad to hear that common sense has prevailed.  

"I have to give credit when it is due. Well done to the S.League for listening to the fans and the players," the 30-year-old told FourFourTwo.

"I am really happy to hear this news and am more hopeful now that I will be able to find a club for the next season."

"But I am also worried that the remaining clubs will already have decided on their roster for next season, and may not have the budget to take us in."

"I hope Lim Chin will keep to his promise to give the remaining clubs a bigger budget next season."

Photo credit: S.League