Sport Singapore hoping for swift conclusion to FAS constitution amendments

Sport Singapore (SG) has urged the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) to amend their constitution and allow for a new council to take seat.

An arm of the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, Sport SG provides funding to almost all National Sports Associations (NSA) within the Republic.

The FAS is due for an Extraordinary General Meeting (EOGM) on November 7, whereby 46 affiliates will convene to decide whether to push through constitutional changes in order for an election to be held to vote in a new council.

The constitution was originally slated for amendment earlier in the month of October, but disagreement amongst the affiliates led to the holding off of the changes.

Sport SG has been keeping an eye on the situation and they admitted they are “a bit concerned by the whole process”, as stakeholders have not prioritised the amendments and are instead digressing from it.

“Sport SG has been observing what has been going on in recent months… one of the reason why we are looking at the whole situation is because we are a bit concern about the whole process,” Sport SG officials told the press in a media briefing on Friday.

“There are two components that what FAS is taking through, one is the change in constitution and the second is to go into election, there are two discrete process.

“Part of our concern, looking at the way things have been talked about, we think there is a danger that this two components are getting mixed up by some partners.”

Sport SG stressed they were not interfering in the FAS’ matters, as FIFA laws stipulated that any such act would be frown upon.

But they emphasised that an unstable board on the FAS council could lead to instability and it could affect the direction Singapore football's governing body is heading in and hence not inspire the confidence needed for Sport SG to provide their full support.

“We take a neutral stance, we hope FAS or the whole football community can take this through in a smooth mature way,” Sport SG added.

“If we continue to go through where there is no decision and everything that is put is not passed, we are in a limbo.

“A lot of capacity will be invested in that ‘limbo’ and attention will be drawn away from our team (the national team).

“There is a lot of work to be done and emotions to manage, it’s hard for Sport SG to jump in because we are very conscious of the fact that it’s not our place to say so.

“If it becomes that scenario (whereby the constitution is still not passed and an election is not held), it becomes very hard for us, custodians of the public's money.

“That’s a possible scenario (cutting funds to the FAS) but that’s not a desirable scenario for us.

“The quicker they pass the constitution, the better it is for Singapore football.”