Sundram admonishes jersey-swapping Singapore players

Singapore head coach V.Sundramoorthy has admonished his players for their jersey-swapping antics at half-time in the international friendly against Argentina.

The Lions went into the break trailing by two goals and several members of the team took the opportunity to exchange their jerseys with their Argentine counterparts.

While Sundram insisted he did not witness this happening, he made it clear that he frowned upon such behaviour, especially when there was still a game to be played.

I didn’t’ see that (happening). (But) it (jersey swapping) should be done after the game, that’s my impression

“I didn’t see that (happening). (But) it should be done after the game, that’s my impression,” Sundram said with a stern face.

The Lions eventually crashed to a 6-0 defeat, but Sundram said he was satisfied with his side’s performance.

What he was disappointed by though was how the bulk of the 28,044 fans who turned up were clad in the blue and white colours of Argentina.

“We are playing against the top team in the world and I think the boys tried their best, they learned a couple of lessons, let’s move on,” he said.

“I would love to (have more support from the home fans), but we were seeing a lot of Argentinian jerseys,” he added.

“That’s life in football, they watch (these footballers) on TV, they idolise these players, that’s the truth, that’s the game.

Photo: Weixiang Lim/FFT