Time to wake up, says Madhu

The LionsXII and Singapore defender feels that the nation needs to start improving after the lopsided defeat to France's Under-21 National Team. 

Singapore's Under-23 side made up solely of players from both LionsXII and Courts Young Lions were battered in Reunion Island and lost the friendly match 6-0.

The team had featured four overage players, but was still no match for Les Bleus.

“I think it’s a wake-up call for all of us just knowing the gap between us and them,” Madhu told FourFourTwo at Yishun Stadium on Friday evening, where the LionsXII were having a training session.

“It’s a totally different class of football. They were better in every department – physically, technically, and discipline-wise. They were way above us.

“We were disappointed (to lose heavily), but the main thing for us to go there is to actually gain experience and see how they play.”

The former Courts Young Lions and Woodlands Wellington player then went on to explain just how big the gulf in class was between both sides by using former ATM FA striker Marlon James, who had proved to a tough customer to handle in all his previous match-ups against LionsXII in the Malaysian Super League (MSL), as an example.

“It’s like Marlon James, just eleven times better," he said

“In the MSL, we play against those big sized foreigners. It’s the same thing just that they (France) are way better. Not just physically, but even the simple things like passing, they pass the ball very fast which made it hard for us to close them down.

“It’s very different. We need to adapt to their kind of football. The fact that they are only 20, 21 is amazing given the way they played.

“We look at them and want to play like them at a high standard. We go there not to get thrashed, but to take a lot of lessons back. Even things like what they eat and what they do, it’s different.

“The team that travelled there, we can learn from them.”