TMJ: I do not want to be part of an unfair and unprofessional organisation

Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim has stepped down from his role as an advisor to the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) due to his dissatisfaction with the organisation.

The Crown Prince of Johor, who is also the President of the Johor Football Association, was appointed to the role by current FAM president Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah after losing in last year's FAM presidency election to help improve the quality of football in Malaysia.

However, he announced his decisiont to quit yesterday because he does "not want to be part of an unfair organisation."

"It's a dream and an idea that became my motivation, which I will stop at nothing to achieve it," he wrote on the official Facebook page of the Johor FA.

"It's a dream where one day the Malaysian football association will be helmed by a group of people who are dedicated, professional and knowledgeable about football, not by those who are in it for personal gains and political reasons.

"It's a dream that one day all football teams will be managed by professionals.

"It's a dream that one day the local football fans will be more civilised in supporting their respective teams and will not fight with each other.

"It's a dream that every team will be treated fairly.

"It's a dream where there will be only the beautiful game of football and no politics.

"I want to cooperate with an organisation that is transparent, clean, honest and dedicated in improving the quality of local football.

"Therefore I have made my decision to step down from my role as the FAM advisor."

The FAM has yet to comment on the matter.