Top 5 clubs in Southeast Asia according to AFC Rankings

With the latest AFC Champions League season over, there was plenty of movement in the club standings. And so, we dissect the rankings and pick out the top 5 clubs from Southeast Asia. 


The rankings are the same as presented by Footy Rankings. They are decided by the results of a particular team in the last four years of the AFC Champions League and the AFC Cup; combined with member association rankings.

#5 Home United (Singapore)

Coming in at number 5 is Singapore’s sole entry in the list- Home United. The Protectors have been one of Singapore’s more stable clubs, finishing in the top four 17 times in the last 19 seasons. During this time, they also managed to lift 2 league titles and 5 cups.

Speaking on a more continental level, Home United have appeared in the AFC Cup 8 times in the last 14 years. Moreover, they won the AFC Cup Zonal Finals this year but went on to lose in the Inter-Zonal Semifinals.

They have accumulated a total of 22.20 points in the last four years and currently sit 66th in the overall Asian table. However, if we look specifically at Southeast Asian clubs, Home United is the 5th best club.