TSF: Change the rules, Rule the street

If you had the power to change the game for the better, what would you do?

That's the latest question posed by Portuguese football superstar Deco, as he prepares bring change to the streets of Phnom Penh with his unique brand of football philosophy.

Tiger Street Football returns for a fourth edition this year, but with a revamped format that includes a larger pitch and the lack of a cage.

What's more, the former Barcelona and Chelsea playmaker wants fans to suggest rule changes that he will implement during the various legs of the competition.

Last week, Deco and Tiger Street Football asked you what you loved and hated about the game but now's the time to do something about it.

We take a look at some of the rule change entries for creativity on www.uncagefootball.com.

Goals must be scored after only 10 or more consecutive passes from ALL outfield players.

- Asy'ari Hamid

Asy'ari Hamid has a fascinating suggestion for goal scoring, it'll certainly make things more difficult! But might this result in less goals or more excitement for fans?

Perhaps 10 passes between any number of players for a goal or even double points if everyone is involved?

Goals from centre court count as double

- Diogo Soares

That's something we can get behind, especially if your team is losing with time running out. Why not consider taking pot shots from distance and perhaps catch the goalkeeper off guard?

Imagine if you have a sharpshooter with an eye for goal on your team, that could be quite the secret weapon up your sleeve! Deco would approve, no doubt.

A difference of two goals to determine the winner, instead of penalties

- Sebastian Lkkn

Not a fan of the penalty kick lottery? Sebastian Lkkn seems to have hit on a solution.

Why not play till you're two goals ahead to determine a winner? Imagine being one goal down... do you defend for your lives or try to even the score?

Decisions, decisions...

A combo of 20 stepovers grants the player a 2-second tackle immunity

- Kevin Lee

We think this contribution from Kevin might be a bit tongue in cheek. 20 stepovers for 2 seconds of uninterrupted play towards the opponent's goal?

Would players be too caught up in attempting stepovers to attempt shots on goal?

Easier said then done, surely. But we'd like to see you try if you can!

Think you can come up with better rule changes than our four contributors? Why not head down to www.uncagefootball.com and have your say and you might also win a trip to Barcelona to meet Deco in person!

It's time to free football from its chains and bring it back to its roots on the street. Bring forth the creativity.