TSF: Deco has spoken — The rules have changed

The rules have been changed at Tiger Street Football 2014, in the first step to freeing football from its shackles.

Eight of the best street football teams in the region descended on Wat Bothom in Cambodia to find that TSF2014 ambassador Deco had decided on the creativity rule change for this first leg of the tournament.

It stipulates that if scores are level at half time, two outfield players from each team will sit out the second half.

This will result in a three on three situation on the pitch, a scenario that Foxsport commentators PJ Roberts and Paul Masefield believe will lead to more attacking football and shots on goals.

This rule change was chosen from the many hundres of entries that had poured into the uncagefootball.com site in the week before the tournament, with fans from various countries inundating Deco with a variety of potential rule changes.