TSF: Instinctive play encouraged in Singapore

Things have been shaken up at the Tiger Street Football 2014 tournament once again, with the final leg of the contest seeing an exciting new rule change come into effect.

The eight best street football teams will have one eye on the prize this Saturday afternoon as they take to the court, but there's going to be a certain amount of tactical planning ahead if they are to make it to the final showdown.

Deco and organisers Tiger Beer had asked for fans to submit rule changes that would test the players' instinct, and sure enough the public obliged.

Out of all these entries, Charmaine Yang from Singapore's entry has been chosen to for the final leg of the competition here in Singapore.

When do you send your extra man on?

At the beginning so you can gain an early advantage? Or towards the end when fresh legs can make all the difference?

What do you do if your opponents act first and bring their extra player on?

Will you react by doing the same? Or perhaps hold him in reserve, soak up the extra pressure and then hit on the break with your spare man later?

All these are questions that will have to be answered by the street football teams this afternoon.

At the end of the day, only the mightiest will stand.

The Tiger Street Football tournament will be held at Riverside Walk, Singapore Sports Hub (Next to Kallang Wave Mall) from 3pm onwards on Saturday, 6 September.