TSF: The rules have changed once again in Mongolia

As the sun rises in Ulaanbaatar, the eight street football teams in the Tiger Street Football 2014 competition will be aware of the challenge that face them.

The teams face a unique challenge in Mongolia on Friday, with yet another unique rule change set to be implemented.

Deco and organisers Tiger Beer had asked for fans to submit rule changes that would test the players' agility, and sure enough the public obliged.

Out of all these entries, Ah Fai from Singapore's entry has been chosen to for the second leg of the competition here in Mongolia.

Players will have to think on their feet, constantly moving the ball forward if they are to escape the time limit.

The most agile of feet and mind will be a huge advantage for their teams as they fight for the prize of Asia's best and a chance to impress tournament ambassador Deco.