Valencia looking to work further with FAS

The Spanish club are hoping to help Football Association of Singapore should the need ever arises... 

Valencia CF shared they have been in discussion with the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) in order to help the nation’s football develop further.

“We are very aware of Michel Sablon's (FAS technical director) blueprint for the development of the sport here,” Valencia commercial and marketing director Peter Draper told FourFourTwo.

“A federation or association always have a mix of things that they need to do… and we say in some small ways we might be able to help you (the FAS).

“The FAS have got some of their own issues to resolve. Their funding and whatever it is they are doing with the government, the league, they have got a lot of things to sort out.

“But we have got an open door and they have given us an open door for them.

“What can we help with, let’s have a look and see. They (FAS) can ask for help and we can look at it.”

Part of these discussions have culminated in the hosting of the Singapore Football Festival 2017, which is organised in partnership with Spain’s La Liga.

Draper added: “The festival actually brings to the attention of more people and it encourages people to play more, that's one aspect.”

Besides raising awareness of the sport, Draper said that the club is also open to sending local coaches overseas in a bid to expose them to European football. These are still in talks, but Draper affirmed Valencia's willingness to help the FAS if they ask for help in doing so.

“How to improve players or coaches performances - those are in line with what FAS is trying to do,” Draper said.

“So we are not trying to tell you how to do it, but how do we complement what you are trying to do."

Valencia are also set to visit the city-state in 2017, with one game being planned against a local or international side. This could grow to two games, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

“We will play a minimum of one game next year. Again it depends on the facility being available and a couple of other things, so I can't say whether it will be one or two games,” Draper remarked.

“But it will certainly be one game. It might be two games, but certainly our intention is to build on it. So if we do one game next year, we do two games the year after because we think we can expand on this idea.”

Photo: Geylang International