Venga thinks FAS President Zainudin 'should step down immediately'

R. Vengadasalam has called for current Football Association of Singapore (FAS) president Zainudin Nordin to vacate his post immediately following Saturday's Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Venga, as he is more affectionately known, believes that Zainudin should quit and allow “the new people to take care” of the ongoing situation regarding the FAS presidential elections.

This comes after the AGM was cut short following a decision made by the current FAS team make amendments to the new constitution following a large amount of feedback made by the Singapore football fraternity.

Initially, a vote to pass the new constitution which was already approved by FIFA was to be held.

This latest development will see the elections delayed further, which led to Zainudin admitting that he underestimated the entire process when he addressed the media following the conclusion of the AGM.

The delay will see Zainudin most likely carrying on in his role until the elections are held, which may possibly take at least a year more, something that Venga, who is leading one of the team for the elections, is reluctant to see. 

“I think he should step down immediately and resign,” Venga told FourFourTwo.

We want to see a new president soon. It’s not good for Singapore football if we hang on over these kinds of things.

“I think Zai (Zainudin), since he’s an outgoing president, he should let the new people take care of it (the process) instead. I would like to see him step down straightaway.”

However, Venga also expressed his confidence that the entire process will be “sorted out soon”.

“We want to see a new president soon. It’s not good for Singapore football if we hang on over these kinds of things,” Venga said.

“Like I said to FAS, we are with them. We are like one big family with our disagreements, and if they can resolve the disagreements then we can move forward.

Photo: Football Association of Singapore

“I think the FAS has given considerations to all our changes after realising they need to have a look in thorough. The whole step of postponing the AGM, especially the constitution changes, makes sense.

“We did discuss many things for almost three hours. More or less, we have drawn our parameters, it just need a bit more fine-tuning from there.”

Venga also added that the new constitution could possibly be agreed before the end of the year, although he would like to get the entire process done quicker.

“I would like to speed things up because I want to see a new president; I don’t want to see Zai there anymore,” Venga stated.

“I would like to see a new president, whether it's my team, or the incumbent, anybody, but it has to be a new team to lead. We need real clarity in this.”

Main photo: Nigel Chin/FourFourTwo