Warriors condemn Steinebrunner’s referee outburst

The German was given a warning by his own club after his comments on referee Farhad Mohamad following a 4-2 loss to Tampines Rovers… 

Warriors FC released a statement on Monday night condemning head coach Jorg Steinebrunner’s behaviour at a post-match press conference after a 4-2 defeat by Tampines Rovers.

Steinebrunner had launched into a tirade against referee Farhad Mohamad after the latter had sent off Yazid Yasin for a perceived foul on Fazrul Nawaz.

The dismissal was highly controversial as Fazrul was going away from goal and the striker himself believed Yazid should have stayed on.

But Steinebrunner himself courted more controversy, as he claimed that opponents only had to have Farhad in order to win games.

“I am absolutely p******. How many years has he [Farhad] refereed already? With this standard, you can’t even be a referee in the tenth division of countries in Europe. We should be happy if we can open the doors for a professional player.  It’s a f****** disgrace what is happening here.” said the 44-year-old German.

“We are 2-1 up and 10 minutes into the second half, he sends off our goalkeeper and gives them a penalty. Nothing else to say isn’t it?

“If you ever want to win a game of football you just get Farhad as referee and you will win the game.”

Warriors management officially served the head coach a warning letter, and hinted at further punishment to come.

“With regards to our head coach's (Jorg Steinebrunner) behaviour during the post-match media conference between Tampines Rovers FC and Warriors FC, our Club would want to state that we do not condone such behaviour from our coaches or players,” the club posted on their Facebook page.

“While we were all disappointed with the outcome of the match, we were more disappointed with Head Coach's use of profanity at a media conference. Jorg has been given an official warning by the Club for his unbecoming behaviour.

“We apologise, unreservedly, for any offence that was caused by our head coach.”

Football Association of Singapore (FAS) are also looking into the matter.

"We are aware of the incident in question, and are currently looking into the matter," a FAS spokesperson said.

“Any form of abuse or disrespect towards match officials, whether during or after matches, will not be condoned.”