Weaver 'disappointed' with fine over referee accusations

Alex Weaver expressed his regrets about the Football Association of Singapore's (FAS) decision to slap him with a $1,000 fine for his post-match comments.

The irate Warriors coach had lashed out at officiating standards in Singapore following his side's clash with Tampines Rovers on 23rd October.

His team secured a decisive 2-1 victory and three points that eventually helped them clinch their first S.League title in five years, but referee Sukhbir Singh's performance left a sour taste in Weaver's mouth.

The Englishman was later found guilty of misconduct by FAS after he lambasted the decision to allow play to go on for an additional seven minutes as part of the S.League's wider struggles in the department.

Speaking to FourFourTwo after the announcement of the $1,000 fine, Weaver confirmed his hesitance to comment further on the topic but stated briefly: "I'm disappointed with the decision.

"It means that I won't be giving my opinions now about something that is part of the game, and people want to hear coaches being honest about games they participate in."

The 37-year-old's forthrightness after the Tampines game, when he declared his 'fear for the future of Singapore football regarding the refereeing situation' then, had landed him in hot water with FAS.

"Alex Weaver was charged with misconduct by making improper comments on the referee to the media after the Great Eastern-Yeo’s S.League match between Warriors FC and Tampines Rovers FC on 23 October 2014," read the governing body's official statement on Friday.

"The Disciplinary Committee convened on 16 December 2014 for a hearing, where Mr Weaver was found guilty of infringing Section A, Article 4.2 of the S.League Rulebook. He was sentenced to a suspended fine of $1,000 for one year."

FAS declined to comment when contacted about the further reaching consequences of Weaver's punishment.

Image Credit: Halim Zul Hakim/Football Association of Singapore