Weaver frustrated by insipid Warriors

Warriors FC head coach Alex Weaver could not hide his frustration after his team were handed a 3-1 lesson by Indonesian side Persipura Jayapura in their AFC Cup Group E fixture on Tuesday.

Weaver felt the reigning S.League champions gifted the win to the visitors on a platter in what he felt was unacceptable fashion.

“This is the first time I am disappointed with the whole group,” he said during the post-match press conference.

“The standards we have usually set as a group were far from what we saw tonight. Certain things the players did were not acceptable.”

Persipura assistant coach Metusalach Dwarapnury felt the manner the Warriors set up their back four and the weaknesses of Croatian defender Marin Vidosevic allowed them to pierce through at will.

“We know how Singapore clubs play in the AFC Cup and the Warriors play in a similar fashion as Home United did last year,” the Papua native said.

“The Warriors defender (Vidosevic) was tall but had no speed, and the back four played in a flat position, thus it was easy for us to expose them with through passes.”

Weaver refuted suggestions that his side had erred too much on the cautious side in the first half, allowing the 2014 semi-finalists to seize the initiative that led to the first two goals.

“We were trying to bring the game to them, but Persipura mainly sat deep and played on the counter attack,” he said.

“We gave the game to them – we clearly gave two goals to them.”

Weaver conceded the opening AFC Cup loss had given plenty for the players and coaches to ponder ahead of the domestic league opener on 1 March.

“Everyone needs to think about how he wants to play quicker and think quicker,” he said.

“In the first half, Persipura were defending very deep but allowed to recover as our possession in that period was too slow.

“We are more than capable of defeating teams like these if we had shown the standards we usually do tonight.”

Photo: Weixiang Lim