adidas Nemeziz 2017: The lowdown

How does adidas’ latest boot Nemeziz fare? FourFourTwo took it for a go and had a taste of its supremacy...

At FourFourTwo, we’ve managed to get our paws on adidas’ latest boot Nemeziz, the hottest boot drop so far in 2017.

Set to be worn by global stars such as Leo Messi, Roberto Firmino, Jesse Lingard, Renato Sanches and Juan Cuadrado, the Nemeziz is built to unlock agility. 

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From the moment you open the box you’ll be hit by the suckerpunch that is the edgy black and white colourway of the Dust Storm pack.

The AGILITYBANDAGE support wrapped around the mid and forefoot

Speaking of punches, there’s an AGILITYBANDAGE support wrapped around the mid and forefoot which looks and feels exactly like a boxer’s hand-wrapping, ready to deliver a big impact on the pitch, in the cage or on the street.

These were boxfresh for the weekend and we gave them a thorough test so you can find out how they stack up.


Sublime from the off. As soon as you put your feet in these it feels springy and soft, but with no danger whatsoever of them slipping off.

The wrapped support keeps you locked in with a compression-type feel and with my fairly wide feet it felt just right. I’d imagine that with narrower feet the flexibility of the bandages means everyone gets that custom-fit feeling.

Nemeziz is a pretty good fit and comfortable too

​These boots certainly match the types of players they’re designed for, whose agility helps them succeed on the pitch with security, support and adaptability. That means unlocking agility in the final third can easily make one turn into a game-changing move. I’ve honestly never felt a boot that allows that opportunity to this level.

One important thing to note, as with any new boots that properly locks down, these do need some pre-match flexing on the heel area. I’m normally a big fan of loosening up the boots by soaking in warm water and also applying Vaseline to the prone areas of your feet. This time around I was too excited to get playing. 


The AGILITYKNIT upper is quality. Coming from adidas’ much-loved PRIMEKNIT material, this soft, textured upper gives you the ability to react and keep the ball close to your feet without having to overthink anything. With the familiar adidas NSG (Non-Stop Grip) coating the upper, this is great for games in all weather.

When testing these boots, it was a hot day and the ground (grass pitch) was quite firm. Usually this would mean overheating feet and a difficult touch, however the Nemeziz held up considerably better than expected.

There is no need to hide the Nemeziz away in inclement weathers


The TORSIONFRAME outsole features an ultra-lightweight construction and TORSIONRIBS to provide dynamic push off support; a key feature for agile movement. If you’re used to adidas torsion like me then this boot comes as second nature.

Playing on grass or 3G, the FG soleplate felt great and didn’t cross my mind while playing.

It’s a fine line between flexibility and strength that adidas have managed to straddle perfectly.

Nemeziz provides good traction control when dribbling or stopping the ball


As you’d imagine, being an agility cleat, the Nemeziz weighs in at a very tidy 214g each. This puts it in the same comparison to most top-level speed cleats, the big difference here being how light and sturdy they feel when on the feet. An oxymoron no more.

The Nemeziz boots is pretty light on the feet


Having played in most types of boots before, I didn’t expect the Nemeziz to impress me half as much as they did. I wasn’t necessarily able to turn quicker on the ball (they’re not miracle boots), but I was certainly able to turn with more freedom and less thinking. That meant more thought beating the defender and looking to goal. I will be lacing these back up next weekend for sure.  

If you want to get your hands on a pair, the Nemeziz range is now available online. Just head on over to

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