Bullet proof boots

Introducing the incredible armour-plated footwear that will toughen up your toes against any tackle...
As a high-resistance material that’s also highly flexible, Kevlar is used for a variety of items, including frying pans, brake pads, military helmets and body armour.

And now the boffins at Adidas have taken the material used to absorb the impact of bullets and shrapnel and stuck it on a pair of football boots.

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The Adidas Nitrocharge has been reinforced with Kevlar technology to make it more resilient to collisions – ideal for Sunday League players trying to protect themselves against two-footed lunges and nasty stamps.

How will it shield sensitive tootsies from flying studs? Kevlar is forged with aramid, a class of heat-resistant and strong synthetic fibres, which are bonded closer together, making them harder to penetrate.

Premier League players such as Jack Rodwell – who wears the boots – might be wise to slip on a pair when facing Charlie Adam, but mere mortals of park football will have to be quick to snap up the armour-plated beauties.

Only 400 pairs of these Nitrocharges will be available in the UK and they’ll damage your wallet to the tune of £220. Not cheap, but better than carrying a severed foot to A&E.

The gold Nitrocharge boots are available to buy at prodirectsoccer.com

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