Fabian Kwok: Defending set pieces like a boss

Tampines Rover defender Fabian Kwok teaches you everything you need to know to prevent the opposition from scoring from set-pieces...
Defending set pieces is not as simple as being able to head away the ball.


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Fabian Kwok shared that positional awareness, intelligence and aerial ability are some of the other traits one needs to defend against corners and free-kicks.


"Usually before the game, our coach shows us some video of the opponents' set-pieces, so we know how they are likely to attack us," Kwok added.


"During free-kicks and corners kicks, you need to put your hands out and be strong and at the same try to look at where the ball is coming from."



Besides defending against such set pieces, Kwok added that it is important to not give opponents a chance to earn a penalty in the box.


"It's very important to be intelligent and especially not to give away fouls. You have to try to stick strong and try to battle them with strength.


"It's important to do some lower and upper body training, like squats to get."

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