Shahdan Sulaiman: Coming back from a serious injury

Getting a serious injury can mean spending many months out on the sidelines and Shahdan Sulaiman has some advice on how to cope with it. 

It is very important to take care of your body after getting injured, especially if you want to prolong your football career.’

Tampines Rovers midfielder Shahdan Sulaiman spent nearly seven months on the sidelines after getting injured at the 2014 Suzuki Cup and here’s his tips on how you should aim to cope when you face a similar situation.

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Be patient

There are times when you can feel frustrated, especially when your team is out there trying to earn some points and you can only watch.

It becomes more unbearable when this is a long-term injury, but no good can come out of it if you rush your return.

Pushing your body to return to action when you shouldn’t, can in fact cause more damage to your body.

Stay mentally strong

You will need to do your rehabilitation properly if you want to return onto the field.

During this time, you will find that there are many things you can’t execute as well as you used to, pre-injury.

It won’t be easy, but if you perform your rehab in a proper manner, you might come back stronger than before.

Keep the passion

What really drives you on is your passion for the sport, the desire to do what you love once again.

It’s what helps you stay mentally strong and ensure you do what is required of you just so that one day you can step back onto the pitch and play the game.

Never allow your injury to rob you of your passion for the sport.

Eat well

Some people tend to eat the wrong choice of food after getting injured, and this may affect their bodies’ ability to recover.

Eating healthy ensures a smoother and possibly quicker return to the field. Always remember to take less oily food, and eat lots of vegetables and fruits. These food contain a high volume of calcium, vitamins and many more.

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