5 foods to boost your performance

Add these foods to your matchday diet to fuel your performance

Some footballers might tell you that their post-match routine isn't the best; the time for their weekly blowout when prying eyes aren't watching. 

But you should resist the urge to get straight on the chips, and instead take the advice of Emma Stevenson, director of the brain, performance and nutrition research centre at Northumbria University. 

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Her five bonus snacks are sure to help your weary body on a matchday, including immune system reinforcements, oxygen delivery boosters and brain food to speed up post-match recovery. 

So ditch the naughty stuff and get on these tried-and-tested delights instead...

Emma Stevenson was speaking at the Science + Football Conference. This year's conference is on Sunday, April 12 at St George's Park. For more information visit www.scienceandfootball.com.  

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