Burgers aid recovery (Says this clown)

Time to ditch the diet and eat dirty – boffins have put junk food back on the menu Don’t despair if you have to swing by the Golden Arches to get your post-match chow. In fact, 
you might want to invite your team-mates
According to a new study from the United States (obviously), burgers are as effective as energy drinks at refuelling exhausted muscles and replenishing blood sugar levels.

After 90-minute workouts at the University of Montana, one set of students was given burgers and hash browns for their recovery meals. A second set was left guzzling sports drinks.

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When the research team took follow-up muscle biopsies, they found both diets restored glycogen levels to virtually the same degree. When it comes to rapid energy return after a tough game, heading to Maccy D’s occasionally won’t do you any harm.

And there’s more good news. Adding a thick milkshake to your order could also help to provide a more rounded recovery.

“A shake containing carbs, protein and fats will do more for your muscle repair and your immunity,” says Mark Ellison, Premier League performance nutritionist.

“While glycogen restoration is key to recovery and fast foods may aid that in some small way, rehydration and muscle regeneration are as essential to quick-fire revival.” Just go easy on the fries, yeah?

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