Dried and tested to increase speed

What better way to turbocharge your game than by rediscovering your inner child? Yum!
The secret to unlocking your footballing potential could lie in the tasty treats your mum once packed in your lunchbox.

FFT can reveal that your lung-busting surges around the playground each day weren’t powered by Monster Munch or Milkybars, but by raisins – and we have the science to prove it.

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Researchers at the University of California, Davis (UCD) have found that you don’t need power bars or even water to fuel your performance, just a handful of dried grapes.

Scientists studied people running three miles, giving them either raisins, supplement bars or water as preparation.

Those who scoffed raisins or bars covered the distance a minute faster on average than those who only drank water.

Michael Naylor, consultant nutritionist for Premier League Southampton, believes raisins to be the perfect football snack.

“They provide a source of a carbohydrate which can often be found in sports drinks and gels, providing energy before and during a game,” he tells FFT.

Tucking into a packet of raisins an hour before kick-off will top up your blood sugar levels to help power your muscles for the full 90 minutes.

Packed with fibre, raisins also help you to ‘think yourself full’, making the urge to fry up a pre-match bacon sarnie far easier to resist.

What’s more, not only can raisins boost your energy stores, but they can also help ease your post-match aches and pains, says Naylor.

“They contain antioxidants, which enhance recovery by reducing stress and muscle soreness.”

See, mums do know best.

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