Fabian Kwok: Five Things To Eat Before A Game

What an athlete eats might affect his performance. We spoke to Tampines Rovers' Fabian Kwok to find out how to best prepare for a game.


It’s important you go into a game feeling energetic and not lethargic, so loading on some carbohydrates will be ideal in helping you gain a source of energy..

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Pasta is rich in carbohydrates and eating a bowl a few hours before a match can help fuel you through a gruelling 90-minute game. Try not to do it an hour before a game though! You will want to digest the pasta instead of spewing it out on the pitch.

Breakfast cereals

Again, this is another dish which packs a mean source of carbohydrates. This is a very light meal and it is easy to digest.

Potassium plays an essential role in muscle function, and deficiencies in potassium can lead to abnormal cramping and discomfort. During exercise, your body loses potassium through your sweat, and prolonged periods of physical activity can significantly reduce your potassium levels. Eating a large banana boosts your potassium intake by 487 milligrams or 10 percent of your daily recommended intake, according to the Linus Pauling Institute.


Yeap, Banana is a kind of fruit and we all know fruits are good for the body. But Bananas are especially beneficial to a sportsperson as they are rich in potassium.

Exercising causes your body to lose potassium and a deficiency in level of potassium in the body often can make one experience cramps, and you do not want that to happen during a game.

So eat your bananas to ensure you do not experience cramp ups.


It is important that one stocks up on protein after a workout, training session or even a game. Protein are what helps the muscle to recover and ensure that I can be prepared to take to the field with my muscles fully recovered from any sore training I been through.

Green vegetables

Your muscle works best when it is filled with oxygen, which is carried by the blood pumping in our body. Vegetables are one of the most efficient food around that improves your blood circulation. Whats more, they are affordable and widely available too!

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