No carbs? No Problem

Chelsea’s new goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer is still going strong at the age of 40. But how has the acrobatic Aussie defied the sands of time? With some good old meat and two veg…

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Grilled lamb cutlets and stir-fried cabbage
“Protein is something you can’t do without. I have 750g of it per day, divided into three meals. I only eat carbs from traditional sources once a week; otherwise, it’s meat and veg for breakfast, lunch and dinner. To start I’ll often have grilled lamb cutlets and stir-fried cabbage. If I don’t have meat or fish for breakfast, I’ll have an omelette or soft-boiled eggs with some greens. I’ve also reduced my dairy intake. I used to drink 5-6 lattés a day, whereas now I just drink black coffee – that took some getting used to.”



Beef steak and green beans
“It took my body 3-4 weeks to adapt to this diet, but once it did I felt really energised. Between meals I snack on pistachio nuts as they’re high in good fats. I like a nice piece of steak with green beans for lunch. You can have any kind of steamed or boiled greens with your meat – I also like asparagus. Alternatively you can just have soup for lunch. Again, make sure it’s packed out with greens, as this will provide your body with carbohydrates without having to get them from traditional sources like rice, pasta and potatoes.”




Dover sole and broccoli 
“Yep, that’s right: it’s more of the same. I’ve always been a big meat and fish eater, but I do crave carbs in the morning. When I’m making the kids toast for breakfast and the butter and honey is melting and you can smell it, it’s hard to resist, but bread is the enemy. I stuck with the diet and my body fat dropped six per cent in five weeks. If I’ve had lamb and beef during the day I like to have a piece of fish with broccoli for dinner. This dish is low in fat and full of protein, helping your muscles repair, grow and stay lean.”


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