Summer smoothies

Matt Lovell, nutritionist for Tottenham Hotspur, serves up a fine selection of tasty shakes to keep you in shape during the off season

The health booster

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100g fresh/frozen berries, 300ml skimmed milk, four ice cubes


The science: Berries provide a low-fat source of energy while boosting your antioxidant count, which boosts immune function and reduces swelling.


The muscle builder

One banana, 300ml skimmed milk, 200g low-fat yoghurt


The science: These ingredients will combine to pack extra carbs into your system, while the quality proteins from milk and yoghurt will help build bulk.


The energy boost

200g tin of drained peaches, 125g pot low-fat mango and peach yoghurt, 300ml skimmed milk


The science: High in energy and carbs, this tropical fruit hit will give you the zip to power through summer five-a-side.



The recovery doctor

300ml skimmed milk, 125g low-fat vanilla yoghurt, one banana, 100g frozen/fresh berries, one teaspoon honey, one tablespoon on flaxseeds


The science: It combines carbs and protein with the added benefit of fibre and essential fats from the flaxseeds, providing your body the medicine to overcome workout pain.

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