Tom Ince: How to refuel at half-time

Derby County wide man on what to eat at half-time to fuel your second half

“Whether you’re an amateur or a pro, it’s vital to stock up at half-time if you’re feeling low on energy.

There’s a lot of sports science in the game now, so a number of things players can have at half-time to give us energy.

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A lot of people like gels, but I just like the sugary stuff, really. I’ll have about three packs of fruit pastels – not just because they give you energy, but because I like sweets!

Sometimes I end up taking four or five and eating them on the pitch as well. Occasionally I’ll have a protein bar, but I’m more likely to have that at full-time to help with recovery.

Hydration is massively important. Football is non-stop – you have to stay hydrated throughout the game.

I always make sure I get fluid and sugar onboard because strangely, I always feel more tired at half-time than after I’ve played the whole match.”

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