Beat your man like Arjen Robben

Want to terrorise defenders like Bayern Munich’s Dutch menace? This Coerver Coaching drill will show you how

Few players in the world are better at taking the ball past a player than Arjen Robben. The Bayern Munich star is always looking to take a defender on, and he often follows that up with a goal.

Attacking a defender is all about mastering one-on-one situations, something the Dutch winger has perfected. It’s not just about making the defender look stupid (though that’s an added bonus), but getting yourself into a good position for your team.

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In this drill from Alfred Galustian, co-founder of Coerver Coaching, you’ll learn not just to beat a man but to take the ball through one of two goals, so you’re not just punting the ball past your marker and running to the hills.

Robben would tell you, in between collecting Champions League and Bundesliga winner’s medals, that this is a vital skill to learn at any level. Fun, too.

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