Cesc Fabregas: The vital statistics

Spanish midfielder Cesc Fabregas - product of the world's greatest footballing schools. Here are stats that make him The Conductor
Setting up the winner in the a World Cup final can’t be a bad feeling, and that majestic moment was sandwiched between improving spells as captain of Arsenal, where Cesc Fabregas upped his goal ratio.

Numbers don’t lie. The below statistical evidence, provided by Opta, show the unique ability of Fabregas to dominate the game through control.

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The former Gunners skipper combines technical fluidity with the ability to single-handedly dictate match pace.

He has provided more assists (16) in the Premier League since the beginning of the 2009/10 season than any other player.

The Spanish midfielder has created a chance every 24.8 minutes on average, a league- high amongst regular players.

Most notably, Fabregas was the most prolific player in terms of carving open an opportunity for his team-mates in Europe’s top five leagues in season 2009/10, setting up a chance every 29 minutes.

Fabregas has averaged 2.26 shots per game and posted a conversion rate of 20.3% (compared to the league average of 14.6%).

In terms of passing accuracy in the three action areas on the pitch, Fabregas’ figures are as phenomenal.


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