Dion Dublin: Score one-on-ones

If you keep it simple and make your mind up early you'll beat the goalkeeper, says former Aston Villa sharpshooter Dion Dublin
How many times have you seen a deadly striker miss a one-on-one with the goalkeeper because they had too much time to think about it?

To avoid this head in hands moment, you've got stay one step ahead says former Premier League hitman Dion Dublin.

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"If you get into a goalscoring position and you haven’t made your mind up, that's when you miss," he explains.

"The best players in a one-on-one – your Michael Owens, Robbie Fowlers and Ian Wrights – made their decisions very quickly, even before they got on to the ball."

Make sure you're wheeling away with one arm aloft after a one-on-one with more inside knowledge from Dublin.

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