Fabian Kwok: Essential defender drills

Being a defender is not an easy job, but Fabian Kwok imparts some know-how for you to excel.

After being converted from a midfielder into a right-back at Tampines Rovers, Fabian Kwok has had to do some serious work just so that he is able to adapt to his new position.

We asked the 26-year-old what his responsibilities were and how does he set out to achieve his targets.

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"As a right-back, it's very important to work well with your right winger, as well as the right centre-half, for me my main responsibilities is to make sure my left opponents do not get down the flanks to send in crosses," Kwok shared.


"Besides defending, I also have to help out in attack, making sure my right wing has support from the back as well as sending in good crosses to score goal.


"Most wingers are tricky or very speedy, so if possible, try to close them down as fast as possible, make sure they do not turn and play the forward pass. If they manage to turn, make sure you are always prepared to chase them down the wing, push them outside as far as possible away from the goal.


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