Fabian Kwok: Supporting the attack

A full-back has to shine in attack without neglecting his defensive duties, says Tampines Rovers defender Fabian Kwok...

How important is it for a full-back to help out in attack?

Sure, a defender's primary role is to make sure his goalkeeper remains untested, but there are times he has to gallop forward to provide support in attack, Tampines Rovers right-back Fabian Kwok said.

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"As a team, we want to attack and score goals, so it's important we assist the strikers well with good crosses," Kwok said.


"It's important to have good body positioning and when the ball is played to you, to open up your body to try to be positive to try and play the ball."


Kwok puts in extra hours after training, just so that he can perfect the swing of his delivery.


"I think it's important for the flank players to really be able to practise their control by staying back after training," he said.


"Strikers most of the time, they like the ball either at the near post or far post, so it's good to have two markers and try to send some crosses there." 


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