Kasper Schmeichel: How to charge off your line

Conceding too many one-on-ones? Fear not, FourFourTwo Performance has you covered. Leicester City's new stopper Kasper Schmeichel gives us his advice

“I’m a goalkeeper and whenever I come rushing off my line, I get beaten. Can you give me any tips?”
Adam Griffiths, Swansea

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Kasper Schmeichel says:

“The first thing to think about is positioning. I’ll always try to get as close to the forward as possible – you want to get right into them then stand your ground.

That way, you’re pressure him, making him decide what to do next. Don’t sell yourself or try to guess – wait and react.

I work on my speed in training so I can get out of nets quickly. Timing is crucial – you can’t come racing out at random without thought. Instead, try to push them wide of the goal to get them at an angle.

I use the star jump to increase my chances of making a block. This isn’t something my dad showed me, although he was famous for it – it’s actually a common tactic in Denmark and we get coached it. Handball coaches often show us how to do this.

If he does get past, scramble up and after him, otherwise you can only pray that he misses! The key to being a good keeper is being brave.

Don’t bottle it. You’re likely to get hit as a keeper, and it’s going to hurt. So stick yourself in the way, don’t flinch, and get ready for the pain. No wonder they say goalkeepers are mad.”

Kasper was speaking at the launch of his new Schmeichology Precision goalkeeping gloves – precisiontraining.uk.com

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