Play like Arsenal: Part Three

Leave your opponents chasing shadows with this passing drill from Alfred Galustian, head coach of Coerver Coaching

The superbly rhythmic passing game employed by Arsene Wenger’s master technicians dissects their opposition like a master surgeon, leaving the football purists from around the world purring.

It’s a style of play every team would like to adopt. Well guess what, here’s your chance to learn.

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Alfred Galustian, head of Coerver Coaching, who devised some of the very drills the Gunners use to perfect their cohesive football, has dished up a series of passing exercises for you to introduce to your training sessions.

Soon you’ll be passing the ball around with the speed and precision of an ice hockey team. Here’s the final installment of our three part series.

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Staines Town Academy demonstrated the drills.

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