Run with the ball like Dani Alves

The Barcelona and Brazil right-back is a dynamo in possession – and you can be, too

Dani Alves didn’t become the world’s greatest wing-back by standing still. He’s always getting forward, with or without the ball, to support his team’s attack and overwhelm the opposition – which is why he scored twice against Manchester City in the Champions League in 2013/14.

Running at speed with the ball at your feet is difficult, but mastering it will make you a nightmare for the poor sod marking you. There are two key skills to learn, and this drill from Alfred Galustian of Coerver Coaching shows you how to work on both.

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As the flying Brazilian would tell you, keeping close control of the ball while running is key and this will help you to practise that, but so is learning to beat a man in a one-on-one – so get on the training pitch. Plus it’s always fun to leave your training partner on his backside.

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