Shahdan Sulaiman: Dominating possession

Knowing how to regain and maintain possession is the key to winning matches, according to Tampines Rovers midfielder Shahdan Sulaiman...

How important is it to be able to retain possession in football? Very important, according to Shahdan Sulaiman.


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"It's a major part of football to retain possession. It requires good technique and technical skills to retain, your first touches must be  good and you need to be aware of your opponents," Shahdan stressed.


"First of all, you have to meet the ball and second, you need to check your back for any opponents coming behind you, so you can check whether you are required to take a first touch or you have time to make another touch.


"As you know in midfield it's very congested and its very physical so you need physical strength to hold off opponents."



To train his first touch, Shahdan does the usual football drills - but he shared that there were other ways of making training fun too.


"If I am not able to get any teammates, I would juggle against the wall.. it's hard to predict how the ball will come back so it will improve my technique."


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