Twist and turn like Angel Di Maria

This drill will show you how to burst away from would-be tacklers just like PSG’s Argentine winger

With the attacking talents PSG and Argentina have at their disposal, you’ve got to be one hell of a player to be starring for both. Angel Di Maria is doing just that.

He might not be the box office attraction for either, but the sinewy winger has proven a point with his stand-out performances for club and country.

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The tenacious winger is electric. He zips around the pitch, giving defenders no respite, as he bites into tackles and fearlessly runs at them, trying to work an angle for a shot or a cross.

It’s his ability to turn sharply out of trouble, burst into space and link with team-mates that make him such a potent weapon.

Alfred Galustian, co-founder of Coerver Coaching, has dissected Di Maria’s strengths and designed a drill that can help you master his skills.

Put in the hours on the training ground and you’ll bring your game up to Di Maria’s speed. Just don’t give the fans any offensive hand gestures when it doesn’t work out.

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